Mukherjee, Harishchandra

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Mukherjee, Harishchandra (1824-1862) founding editor of the hindu patriot, writer. Harish Chandra Mukherjee came of a very poor family and had to seek employment early in life. While an employee of the Military Auditor-General';s office, Harish Chandra studied law. In 1852 he became a member of the british indian association (est 1851), a society of Bengal landholders.

Subsequently, Harischandra Mukherjee became the owner of the Hindu Patriot. He had great influence on contemporary political thought. Harish Chandra was in favour of widow remarriage. He strongly opposed dalhousie';s (1848-56) annexation policy, but during the sepoy revolt (1857) supported the British. During the indigo resistance movement in 1859-60, he championed the cause of the indigo r'a'iyats and used his pen to expose the indigo planters'; atrocities. He died when he was only 38. [Nurul Hossain Choudhury] [Choudhury, Nurul Hossain  Professor of History, Rajshahi University]