Mumps an acute, contagious viral disease marked by inflammation of parotid glands and other salivary glands. Most patients are children. The incubation period is 14-21 days. Infectivity precedes the symptoms by about one day, is maximal for three days.

Mumps virus is negative stranded Rna paramyxoviruses, which are mainly responsible for destruction of the red blood cells. Swelling of parotid glands is the commonest physical findings. Edema may be present. Fever and malaise are variable but are often minimal in young children.

Mumps is common in Bangladesh and other developing countries, mainly because of unhygienic health practices, low standards of food, illiteracy, and lack of health awareness. Mumps vaccine is safe and highly effective. It is recommended for routine immunization for children over age one year either alone or in combination with other virus vaccine. [Shamim Jubayer]