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Munsif ordinarily means a judge. Sher Shah divided Bengal into several sarkars, and each was subdivided into smaller districts called pargana. The administration of sakars and parganas were carried out by two officials, namely Shiqdar-i-Shiqdaran and Munsif-i-Munsifan (higher munsif). 'Munsif' is derved from the Arabic term 'insaf' meaning 'justice'.

In sher shahs (1539-1545) administration a munsif was an official in the pargana along with shiqdar, mushrif, karkun, and khazanchi. Shiqdar was the head of administration. Karkun was a keeper of books of accounts and khazanchi was the treasurer. Mushrif was also known as amin, i.e the holder of a trust and munsif, i.e the judge. [Abdul Karim]