Murari Gupta

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Murari Gupta (c 16th century) Vaishnava votary and writer, born and raised in sylhet, later settling in Navadwip. He was a physician by profession. Legend goes that he was a classmate of Sri chaitanya at Navadwip and, later on, became his disciple.

Murari wrote X'r'i'K'r'ish'v'achaitanyacharit'a'm'r'ita (1513), a sanskrit biography of Chaitanyadev. It is generally known as Murari Gupter Ka'd'ch'a. This is the first authentic biography of Chaitanya, as the writer was personally acquainted with him. Written in verse, the book, which is divided into several cantos, narrates the whole life of Chaitanya. Subsequently, other Vaishnava poets such as like kavikarnapur, Lochandas, Krishnadas Kaviraj, and Narahari Chakraborty borrowed from Murari';s biography to write their own biographies of Chaitanya. [Kanailal Ray] [Ray, Kanailal  Professor of Linguistics, Rajshahi University]