National Defence College

National Defence College (NDC) was established on 7 December 1996. It is located in Mirpur Cantonment of Dhaka city. Initially, NDC started its activities on 10 January 1999 at the Defence Services Command and Staff College which is adjacent to the new building of the College. It has two major courses, National Defence Course and the Armed Forces War Course (AFWC).

The National Defence Course is designed for the training of senior officers of the armed forces and also of civil services. The broad objective of the course is to prepare senior officers of armed forces and civil services for higher responsibility in the direction and management of defence and national security.

Main objectives:

Enhance members' knowledge of high level defence and national security issues and matters affecting national policy.

Reinforce members' understanding of Bangladesh institutions and society.

Enhance the members' understanding of the factors that influence national policy-making.

Develop members' strategic vision.

Improve members' personal qualities, individual and interpersonal skills.

The Faculty is headed by the Commandant of the college who is supported by a small but experienced team of Senior Directing Staff (Brigadier General and equivalent both military and civil) and a host of competent staff officers. The college is equipped with all the necessary administrative and technical support required for the course.

The participants of the course are known as course members. Each course comprises of up to 40 officers including 16-18 officers invited from overseas of the rank of Brigadier General and equivalent and their counterparts in the civil services. The participants bring together considerable depths of experience and knowledge to add to the value of the course.

The course is designed on a programme of lectures and panel discussions. The most competent speakers available who fall into one of the following categories are invited to speak on different subjects:

Eminent personalities such as statesman, diplomats, ministers and advisors of the government whose views may be of great value.

Experts drawn from among the academicians, businessmen, scientists, journalists, technocrats etc.

Senior officers from the government departments who are best placed to speak authoritatively on a subject.

Besides lecture sessions and panel discussions, other activities of the college include research work, local visits, internal and overseas tours, social programmes and sports. The facilities of the college include a well equipped library, information technology (IT) centre, residential accommodation and officers' mess.

The college has a number of publications. It also regularly brings out a journal called NDC Journal. This is a compilation of selected research work of both National Defence Course and of AFWC course members. A 'Policy Paper' is also published as a part of work carried out by the Combined Study Group of National Defence Course.

The Armed Forces War Course is a joint services course which focuses on operational level planning and conduct of war. The 44-weeks course is divided into 4 terms. Each term is of 8 to 10 weeks. The aim of the course is to train selected armed forces officers for operational level command and staff responsibilities.

The specific objectives of the course are to:

Examine the theories of war and the key factors involved at operational level.

Evaluate the existing strategic and political framework of Bangladesh and the role of armed forces in achieving the national objectives.

Learn single and joint services operational doctrine.

Prepare members in campaign planning, conduct and maintenance of military operations.

Enrich leadership, staff and management skills necessary for the operational level of war.

Each course comprises of up to 40 officers of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and equivalent from the three services.

The course curriculum consists of theories of war, operational doctrines, visits to different sectors of the country. The highlights of the course are war games. [AMM Shawkat Ali]

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