Nazmuddaula Nawab of Bengal. He was the second son of mir jafar and was popularly known as Mir Falouri. Though born of a slave girl (munni begum) Mir Jafar himself nominated him to the masnad (throne) during his critical illness to the exclusion of Mir Saidu, son of Miran, the deceased eldest son of the nawab. The English accepted the nomination and installed this minor boy on the masnad of Murshidabad under the title of Nazmuddaula at the death of Mir Jafar on 5 February 1765. Syed Muhammad reza khan, the Naib Diwan, was made the Naib Nazim to concurrently head the niabat on his behalf.

However, Maharaja nanda kumar, an influential member of the darbar and Reza Khan were not in good terms. As Nandakumar always adversely briefed the minor nawab he could never be in cordial relation with Reza Khan. But such hostility on the part of the minor nawab was of little effect on the naib nazim's supremacy because he was then receiving unqualified support from the Fort William authorities, the invisible rulers of Bengal.

Nazmuddaula died very suddenly on 8 May 1766, and many suspect that he might not have a normal death. He was succeeded by his brother Saifuddaula (Najabat Ali Khan), another minor, to be tutored under the regency of Reza Khan. [Sirajul Islam]