New Market, Dhaka

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New Market, Dhaka was built in 1952-54 as a shopping complex primarily to cater to the needs of the city people, and especially those of the residential areas of dhaka university, Azimpur and Dhanmandi.

New Market, Dhaka

Eventually, it attracted shopping people from all other areas of the city and even places outside of Dhaka. The market is located at Azimpur, with Mirpur Road on one side and Peelkhana Road on the other. Adjacent to the market there is a centre of retail shops for clothes, medicine, toiletries, and sundries necessary for household purposes and a large cluster of shops that sale cosmetics, souvenirs, show pieces, utensils, light electric items, and makeshift furniture pieces.

The New Market boundaries also touch a complex of grocery shops and a market for fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. Thus New Market today means a large complex with a variety of stores around and inside its original core.

The core of the Dhaka New Market has three high arched gates leading to organised rows of shops. There is a running covered veranda in front of the shops. The core market has a total of 468 shops. Visitors can find most of their requirement in these shops. [S M Mahfuzur Rahman]