Officers’ Club, Dhaka

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Officers' Club, Dhaka was 'established in 1967. Besides government officers, other officers of semi-government or autonomous bodies, bank, insurance, etc. are eligible to apply for membership. The area of the club is 4.5 acres. An executive committee elected by members run it. The club has a library, hallroom, pavilion, swimming pool, health club and three tennis courts. There are many facilities to play badminton, table tennis, billiard, cards, chess and other indoor games. It has a women's committee that designs and implements social welfare activities. The club organise various types of meeting including mourning, history and heritage, major events, culture and liberation war of Bangladesh. It also meets on the occasion of national days, deaths and births anniversaries of celebrities. The club often raises funds for supporting disaster victims and other people who need it.

The club's fund is generated by renting out its facilities like pavilion, hallrooms. Its major income comes from renting its halls to wedding receptions and other conference purposes. Its membership now stands at over three thousands. [Ranjit Biswas]