Paribhasa technical terms coined for Bangla language. These are words that define certain subjects contextuall and specifically. Words with more than one general meaning and words used to express specialised meaning in certain cases are also called technical terms. Generally speaking, they are coined based on conclusions arrived at by experts and are unambiguous in their application in science and philosophy. The word derives from bhasa, meaning specialised definition; the prefix pari means 'in all', 'symptoms', 'frequent repetition', 'signs', 'specialisation', etc.

Technical terms are definite and unambiguous; and no widening or narrowing of meaning of them takes place over time. In other words, technical terms denote, but do not connote. Technical terms thus do not change their given meaning.

Paribhasa is a translation of the English word 'definition'. In the distant past in sanskrit, the word was used to refer to nouns with defining power. The lexicon called Vachaspatya Abhidhan has 'a sort of naming by the lexicographer' as the meaning of the word paribhasa. Almost every field of studies use technical terms and these terms give pointer to longer definitions. It takes time for words to establish themselves as technical terms.

There might be a link between the original and technical term it refers to, but such a link is not considered essential. Whatever may be the meaning of the technical term, it subsumes many facets in its denotation and connotation. Unless in use for years, no terms come to be called technical terms. Modern linguists believe that terminology refers to the definitions of characteristics in the field of knowledge; and general vocabulary is a collection of the morphological elements of a language. On this count, terminology planning calls for co-ordination and agreement.

In the case of a developing language, neologisation is considered a unique expressions of a language's creative power since each language has the ability to innovate through its own vocabulary. [Mohammad Daniul Huq]