Pir Yemeni

Pir Yemeni a sufi-saint. Hazrat Shaikh Malek, better known as Pir Yemeni, came to Bengal from Yemen, via Delhi, in the early 14th century. He met Hazrat shah jalal Mujarbad (R) at the khanqah of Hazrat Nizam Uddin Aulia (R) in Delhi and with him he took part in the conquest of Sylhet.

After the conquest of Sylhet Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) sent him to Dhaka to preach Islam in this region. Pir Yemeni and his disciple, Shah Balkhi, established a khanqah at a place near the present Secretariat buildings of the government of Bangladesh. They took active part in the preaching of Islam. The exact date of Pir Yemeni's death is not known. A tomb was erected over his grave and a mosque built near the tomb. Both establishments stand on the northeastern side of the Osmany Udyan, Dhaka. [Mossarraf Hussain Bhuiya]