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Plum popular fruits of diverse origin; hog-plum obtained from Sapindus mombin and the Spanish-plum from S. purpurea, both belong to the mango family, Anacardiacea. These plants are native to tropical America. But the true plum is obtained from several medium sized tree species of Prunus. The P. domestica, native to Eurasia, is the best known and widely cultivated. The other common plum is obtained from P. salicina, native of China and Japan. Other major plum is obtained from some American species of the same genus Prunus (P. americana, P. hortulana, P. nigra and P. maritima). The fruits are either taken as fresh or canned; widely used in the preparation of jams.

In Bangladesh there is no cultivated plum and the fruit is also less known. However, one well-known berry, Kalajam, also known as Black-plum or Java-plum (Syzyzium cumini; Myrtaceae), is widely cultivated in Bangladesh. It is a large evergreen tree. The flowers are greenish white, fragrant, sessile in panicles. The fruit is a berry, elongated marble like having black deep purple juicy pulp. The fruits mature in July-August and are mostly taken fresh or with chili-salt-spice; also used for making jelly. [Mostafa Kamal Pasha]