Podama an ancient place of pilgrimage at Navadwip. It is believed that in the 15th century, or perhaps somewhat earlier, a tantric sage brought to Navadwip the goddess Parama from the neighbouring village of Simulia. In course of time, the name of the goddess underwent a change in pronunciation, from Parama to Podama.

At one time, the place was covered with jungle. The renowned smrti scholar raghunandan bhattacharya cleared the place and set up a tol or Sanskrit grammar school. Some believe the name of the place might also derive from 'paduyader ma', the 'ma' (mother or goddess) of the 'paduyas' (students) who visited the place regularly.

In ancient Navadwip this seat of the goddess was the centre for scholarly discussions and debates on scriptures and philosophy and for holding examinations. Even today some believe that the village goddess Parama is the goddess of learning and possesses the power to bestow knowledge. The descendants of the royal family of Nadia bear the expenses for her worship. [Shubhendu Kumar Siddhanta]