Pogson, Captain

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Pogson, Captain a soldier of the east india company army, famous for his travelogue. Wredenhall Robert Pogson, an Irishman, joined the army of the East India Company and came to Calcutta in 1805. He was promoted to the rank of Captain after serving for 26 years. His travelogue contains an account of the geographical and socio-economic condition of a particular region of nineteenth century Bengal, which may be considered as useful material for writing the social history of Bangladesh.

Many persons were in Chittagong after their retirement from government service. Pogson was sent to Chittagong with the responsibility of paying off the arrears after making an investigation. On his return from Chittagong, Pogson wrote an account of his travels. This was published from serampore in 1831 with the title Captain Pogson's narrative during a tour to Chateegaon, 1831.Pogson reached Chittagong via Barrackpore, the Sundarbans, Khulna, Keshabpur, Nalchhiti, Hatiya and Sandwip. His travelogue contains an account of the waterway and the surrounding area. The price of everyday commodities and food can also he learned from this account. In the Sundarban area, he purchased a chicken for five paisa, and two trots, a dozen of large-sized lobsters and a basketful of assorted fishes for six annas.

Pogson has left behind an interesting account of the geographical, educational, agricultural and other matters of Chittagong. During his travel from Khulna to Chittagong, he was as much fascinated by the physical scenery and natural resources of the area as he expressed his surprise at the sight of the affliction of the people. [Muntassir Mamoon]