Ponkai Diwana

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Ponkai Diwana a celebrated saint of Sonargaon. His real name is Shah Abdul Ala, popularly known as Ponkai Diwana. He lies buried at Daharpara (also called Gohatta) north of Mograpara in Sonargaon. It is said that once he retired to the forest and was absorbed in meditation for twelve years sitting on a lattice stone, unconscious of the lapse of time. When traced by his relatives, he was found almost buried up to his neck under an earthen mound that had been raised by the white ants (uin ponka), and he had to be dug out of the mound. As such he was called Ponkai Diwana, signifying a devotee veiled by mound of white ants.

Shah Abdul Ala is said to have died sometime towards the end of the eighteenth century and was buried here with the lattice stone placed at the head of his grave. His wife, and his son Shah Imam Bakhsh (Chulu Mian) also lie buried here. [Muazzam Hussain Khan]