Punarbhaba River

Punarbhaba River originates from the depressed lowlands of Baliadangi upazila in Thakurgaon district and ultimately becomes a tributary of the ganges. The upper course of this river is just a few kilometres west of the atrai. The main source of the Punarbhaba is the Brahmanpur Barind. After flowing south the Punarbhaba meets with the Dhepa river which is a distributary of the karatoya. Just south of Dinajpur town it flows between the western and west-central Barind, and drains the west of the west-central part. Its valley is 3 to 8 km broad. It joins the mahananda south of Rohanpur (Nawabganj district). Total length of the river is about 160 km. It has three tributaries - the tangon, Kulik and nagar. The Tangon has an entrenched valley, even in the Piedmont Plain. Along the Kulik the land is markedly undulating. The Nagar forms the western border of Dinajpur district for many kilometres. Flowing through India, it again forms the boundary of Bangladesh near Bholahat, then flows through Nawabganj district and joins the Ganges south of Nawabganj town. There are no tidal effects on this river. [Masud Hasan Chowdhury]

See map in brahmaputra-jamuna river system.