Qader, Captain Mirza Aftab

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Qader, Captain Mirza Aftab (1948-1971) army officer, martyr in the war of liberation. Mirza Aftabul Qader was born on 25 December 1948 in Chittagong. His father Mirza Abdul Qader was a deputy magistrate in Chittagong and his mother Raushan Ara Begum was a school teacher.

Aftab Qader passed SSC examination from Mymensingh Zilla School and HSC from Anandamohan College. While a first year student in the English Department of Dhaka University, he joined Pakistan Military Academy of the Pakistan Army in the 39 Long Course on 16 November 1966. He was commissioned on 25 November 1968 and was posted to 40 Field Artillery Regiment.

In February 1971, Aftab Qader visited Dhaka on a two months leave. After witnessing the harrowing incidents let loose by the Pakistan army on the night of 25 March 1971 in Dhaka, he secretly left home on the morning of 27 March to join the War of Liberation. At the initial stage he joined with the Bangali members of EPR who had taken position near the Shuvapur bridge to resist the Pakistan Army';s onslaught. He participated in several combats including the battle in Rangamati.

On 27 April Mahalchhari was attacked by Pakistani Commando Company with support from their allies, the Mizo Lion Brigade. Aftab Qader fought and resisted the enemy with extraordinary valour. At one point during the battle he took the LMG from his fellow comrade and began firing at the enemy. While the enemy troops were retreating, an enemy bullet pierced through his chest. His fellow fighters rescued his dead body and buried him the next day in the graveyard at Ramgarh town.

Aftab Qader was honoured with the title of 'Bir Uttam'; by the Government of Bangladesh in recognition of his sacrifice for the cause of the nation. [Qazi Sajjad Ali Zahir] [Zahir, Qazi Sajjad Ali Lieutenant Colonel (retd), Bangladesh Army]