Quraishi Magan Thakur

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Quraishi Magan Thakur (17th century) is one of the noted poets of medieval bangla literature. Quraishi Magan Thakur, who wrote the poetical work called Chandravati and Magan Thakur of the Siddiq family, who was the chief minister of Arakan, are believed to be the same person. Magan Thakur's father Badai Thakur (Shribada Thakur) was also a minister of Arakan. The Rosang King Narapatigi (1638-45), in his old age, entrusted Magan Thakur with guardianship of his only daughter. Magan Thakur was made the chief minister when the princess became the queen after the death of the king.

Magan Thakur was a famous scholar of Bangla, Persian, Burmese and Sanskrit. He was also reputed for his scholarship in music and rhetoric. He patronised the poet alaol of Rosang who wrote padmavati (1652) and Saifulmuluk Badiujjamal (1659) at his instruction. Himself a man of parts, he could appreciate the ability of other scholars and patronise them. Only one puthi (manuscript) of his work Chandravati is extant. This is a folk tale with a romantic theme. Although the narrative is deficient in literary qualities, it is important as a specimen of medieval Bangla literature. [Wakil Ahmed]