Qutbuddin Khan Kokah

Qutbuddin Khan Kokah Mughal Subahdar of Bengal (1606-1607). His real name was Shaykh Khubu. Prince Selim conferred upon him the title of 'Qutbuddin Khan'. Qutbuddin's mother, a daughter of the celebrated sufi saint Shaykh Salim Chishti, was the milk-mother of Prince Selim. Qutbuddin thus being the foster brother of Prince Selim, got the nick name 'Kokah'. Qutbuddin was appointed as subahdar of Bengal on 12 September 1606.

Little is known about the activities of Qutbuddin Khan as subahdar of Bengal. The only incident on record is his conflict with Ali Quli Istazlu alias Sher Afghan, Mughal faujdar of Burdwan. Emperor Jahangir with an object of withdrawing Ali Quli from Burdwan asked Qutbuddin Khan to send Ali Quli to the imperial court. Apprehending that Ali Quli might not oblige by the order of the emperor, the subahdar personally proceeded to Burdwan to convince him to that end. In an interview that followed, Qutbuddin had the plan to captivate Ali Quli, and the latter apprehending the intention of the subahdar attacked him with his sword causing him fatally wounded. The soldiers of Qutbuddin instantly killed Ali Quli. Qutbuddin Khan succumbed to his injury on the very day of the incident (30 May 1607). [Muazzam Hussain Khan]