Rajshahi Association

Rajshahi Association an organisation for the welfare of the people. It was established on 21 July 1872. Its founder and first president was Raja Pramathanath Roy Bahadur of Dighapatia and first secretary, Rajkumar Sarkar, who was the zamindar of Karchamaria and also the father of historian Sir jadunath sarkar. Of the important activities of Rajshahi Association, the most important ones are the upgrading of the rajshahi college to a Degree College, establishment of the PN Boarding, formation of a 'memorial fund' for the assistance of poor students, repair of the Rajshahi-Dighapatia road, establishment of 'Rajshahi agricultural farm', provision of economic assistance to 'Rajshahi social welfare organisation', establishment of 'Rajshahi town hall', extending cooperation in the foundation of varendra research museum, playing a role in the establishment of 'Basantakumar Agricultural Institute' (1936), arranging the founding of a water reservoir with a view to supplying pure water to Rajshahi town, etc. Rajshahi Association has also continued to make important contributions in the fields of literary and cultural activities. rabindranath tagore read his paper entitled Siksar Herfer on 12 November 1892 in one of the literary functions of the Association. The 125th founding anniversary of Rajshahi Association was celebrated in 'Raja Pramadanath town hall' on 23 July 1998. [SM Abdul Latif]