Reza Khoda Mosque

Reza Khoda Mosque stands on the north-west of khan jahan's tomb in Bagerhat. Except for some portions of the wall, the mosque is completely in ruins at present.

Rectangular in plan, it measured 16.5 x 12.4m externally, with 1.74m thick walls. There were three arched entrances on the east and two each on the north and south sides. The height of the main (central) entrance on the eastern side was about 4.72m. There were four octagonal corner towers, which seem to have been decorated with bands of terracotta mouldings. All these have virtually disappeared. The sanctuary was divided into two aisles and three bays by two free-standing stone columns, the remains of which can still be seen, although they are now scattered. Corresponding to the eastern entrances, there are three decorated mihrabs on the qibla wall. The central mihrab is larger than the two side ones. Richly decorated octagonal brick pilasters flank each mihrab and their niches are multi-cusped with spearhead decorations. In all probability, it was a six-domed mosque.

Terracotta perforated jalis were inserted at intervals in the thick walls for ventilation. Other architectural features and decorations were no doubt similar to Khan Jahan's tomb. [Shahnaj Husne Jahan]