Ruhea Slope

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Ruhea Slope a subdivision of Precambrian Indian Platform, also known as Dinajpur Slope. The depth of the basement is more than 0.75 km at Ruhea slope or Dinajpur slope. Because of the nature of the sedimentary cover here, it is also known as Dinajpur Platform. The basement plunges sharply in the northwest towards the Sub-Himalayan foredeep. Ruhea slope or Dinajpur slope (the northern slope of Rangpur Saddle) occupies a small area of Rangpur and Dinajpur districts, which is about 66 km wide within Bangladesh territory. This part is separated from the Rangpur Saddle by a series of faults. The Precambrian basement lies here at a greater depth in comparison to Rangpur Saddle. The basement is about 2000 m deep in Tetulia area. Unlike the southern slope (Bogra slope), the northern slope (Ruhea slope) is rather narrow as the Sub-Himalayan Foredeep is also very narrow.

The nature of the junction between the northern slope and the Sub-Himalayan Foredeep is not known. This part is less faulted compared to Rangpur Saddle and Bogra slope. The characteristics of sedimentary rocks are not much known and it is presumed to be of molassic nature. Beds are of simple monoclinal type dipping towards northwest and no closed anticlinal structures are known in this area. A few small magnetic anomalies are present in this zone possibly due to the presence of intrusive bodies. [Eunuse Akon]

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