Sahityaratna, Abul Quasem

Sahityaratna, Abul Quasem' (1902-1987) homeopath doctor, novelist and journalist, was born in Daulatpur, khulna, but studied and worked in Kolkata. He was popularly known as Abul Quasem Sahityaratna.

Despite his busy medical practice, Abul Quasem also worked as assistant editor of the mohammadi, azad, soltan and Krsak. He was fond of travelling and visited various places in the Middle East, Tibet, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pacific Islands, America and China and wrote about these experiences in Amar Bhu Pradaksin (1930), Mahasagarer Deshe (1937), Dur-Durante (1962), Pavchanader Deshe (1968), etc. He travelled extensively all over India and wrote about his Indian experiences in Bharat Bhraman (1936).

He also wrote books on a variety of other subjects such as Manasi(1928), Isha Khan-Svarnamayi (1930), Hazrat Mohammad (1931), Maharsi Mohsin (1936), Bijvaner Janmarahasya (1936), Banglar Pratibha (1939) etc. He helped establish the Khulna Literary Council and served as its assistant chairman. In recognition of his learning, the Calcutta Sarsvata Mahamandal awarded him the title of 'Sahityaratna' (the jewel of literature) in 1930. [Sushanta Sarker]