Sarkar, Jogindranath

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Sarkar, Jogindranath (1866-1937) writer of children’s literature. Though born at Natra, 24-Parganas, his ancestral home was jessore. After passing the Entrance examination from Deoghar High School, Jogindranath was admitted to Calcutta City College. However, he could not complete his studies.

Jogindranath started teaching at the City Collegiate School and became interested in children's literature. He published nursery rhymes in contemporary children's magazines such as Sakha, Sakhi, Mukul, Balak Bandhu, Balak, Sandesh, etc. He also edited Mukul, a children's magazine. He attempted to teach the alphabet through pictures. His illustrated poems depicted a world of fantasy to amuse children. His book Hasikhushi (1897) immediately made him popular. His books of poems include Khukumanir Chhada (1899) and Hasirashi (1899), illustrated with pictures. In Hasirasi Jogindranath imitated English versification. Jogindranath's other books for children include Chhabi-O-Galpo (1892), Rabga Chhabi (1896) Pashu-Paksi (1911), Bane-Jabgale (1929), Galpa Savchay, Shishu Chayanika, Hijibiji etc. In addition, he wrote schoolbooks for children, among them Jvanamukul (1890), Charupath, Shiksa Savchay etc.

In 1896 Jogindranath established the City Book Society, which published upendra kishore roychowdhury's first book, Chheleder Ramayana. [Sushanta Sarker]