Sarsina Darus-Sunnah Kamil Madrasah

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Sarsina Darus-Sunnah Kamil Madrasah was established on 15 January 1915, in Sarshina village under Nesarabad thana of Barisal district. On the initiative of the Superintendent of Madrasah, Maulovi Ishaq, the madrasah got government sanction for the courses of Alim, Fazil and Kamil in 1922, 1931 and 1942 respectively. The madrasah building measuring 80-yard by 20-yard was built in 1930. The area of the madrasah campus is 20.56 acres. Moreover, the madrasah has about three thousands bigha arable land. The annual income of the madrasah is over five million taka.

In 1952, Mawlana Abu Zafor Saleh took charge of the madrasah. By his endeavour, several buildings including Darul Hadith Block (1961), Library (1966), Rest House (1974), a four-storeyed academic building and mosque (1974), a two-storeyed administrative block (1956) and students' dormitory (1961) were built.

At present, there are 1800 students, 47 teachers, 20 staffs and 7 dormitories for their accommodation. The madrasah provides free of cost food and lodging to about 1500 students. So far, three hundred students of the madrasah secured top positions in the examination of the board. Science is offered upto Dakhil class. Hadith, Tafsir and Fiqa are taught in the Kamil. There are two rich libraries in the madrasah with a collection of 2000 books. It has its own printing press to print books. Moreover, the madrasah publishes quarterly and monthly magazines titled Tabligh, Monthly Kuri, Mukul and Al-Helal. [ABM Saiful Islam Siddiqi]