Satyapir Bhita, Mahasthan

Satyapir Bhita, Mahasthan popularly associated with the legend of a Muslim saint known as Satyapir, lies between the Netai Dhopanir Dhap and the gokul medh (Laksmindarer Medh) in Gokul village. The small mound is about 800 m. west of the Karatoya and 1.5 km south-west of mahasthan citadel. Cultivated lands surround it. It has been badly destroyed by brick robbers and through cultivation. The major part of the mound has been levelled for cultivation.

Originally the mound covered an area of 27 x 20m with a maximum height of 4m from the surrounding ground. At present, only the central portion (10m x 6m) is surviving more or less undisturbed. Several brick walls have been exposed. The sizes of the bricks are 25 x 23 x 5 cm and 23 x 21x 5 cm. Clay has been used as mortar in the construction of the walls. A few ancient ceramics are also present at the site. It appears to be a religious structure of the early medieval period. [SS Mostafizur Rahman]