Sen, Adharlal

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Sen, Adharlal (1855-1885) litterateur, deputy collector. He was born in a Subarna Banik family on 2 March, 1855. His father was Ramgopal Das. He used to deal in yarn trade at Armenian Street. They lived in Savabazar of Benitola. In 1871, Adharlal Sen passed Entrance Examination in the first division from Hindu College and passed FA degree in the first division from Kolkata presidency college. From the same college, he passed BA degree in the first division in 1877. He was the class-mate of Haraprasad Shastri (1853-1931), a famous orientalist, Sanskrit scholar.

At the age of twenty fourth, he joined in the royal service. In 1879, he joined as the Deputy Collector of Chittagong. Remaining in the same post, he served sincerely in Jessore and Kolkata in 1880 and 1882 respectively. The Royal Government honoured him being pleased with his service.

Adharlal came to close contact with Ramkrishna Paramhamsa for one year and ten months and Paramhamsa deemed him as a relative. Many concerning memoirs have been depicted in the book 'Sri Sri Ram Krishva Kothamrita'.

Alongside his service he engaged himself for literature. Among his books are Lolita Sundari (Poetry, 1874) which was renamed by Lolita Sundari and Poetry Menoka (Poetry, 1874), Nalini (Poetry, 1877), Kushum-Kanon(Poetry, 1877), Informative book: The Shrines of Sitakund in the District of Chittagong in Bengal (1884).

Adharlal Sen obtained Duff Scholarship. The Kolkata University selected him as fellow in 1884 and member of Faculty of Arts in the same year. He was the member of Bengal Asiatic Society. He passed away on 6 January in 1885. [Shamima Akhter]