Servant of Humanity, The

Servant of Humanity, The a mouthpiece of the Central Khadem-ul Ensan Samiti. Published and edited by syed abdur rabb, the founder of the Samiti, the Servant of Humanity was first published in March 1935. From 1937 it operated as a monthly journal from its head office located at E-72, College Street Market, Calcutta. The price of the first issue was five annas (anna = one sixteenth of a rupee). The launching issue of the periodical received contributions from rabindranath tagore, Moulvi Mujibur Rahman (Editor of the Mussalman), Dr Muhammad Shahidullah, Humayun Kabir and others and congratulatory messages were published in the issue from many contemporary celebrities including ak fazlul huq, Prafullah Chandra Ray, Sir Saddullah, (Chief Minister of Assam). Moreover, editors of many daily newspapers and English periodicals also contributed for publishing the journal. Like its sister jouranal, the Muazzin, the objective of the Servant of Humanity was to establish communal harmony and a balanced social transformation. The publication of the journal continued up to the end of 1939. [Sirajul Islam]