Shah, Duddu

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Shah, Duddu (1841-1911) composer of baul songs and mystic, was born at Beltala of Harinakundu in jessore district. His given name was Dabiruddin Mandal, but after being initiated by lalon shah (1772-1890), he came to be known as Duddu Mallik Biswas or Duddu Shah.

His father, Jharu Mandal, was a farmer, who sent him to Srinath Pathshala in the adjoining village of Harishpur. Apart from Bangla, Duddu Shah knew Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian.

Duddu Shah was initiated into mysticism after coming in contact with local mystics. After travelling to many places, he became a disciple of Lalon, in whose company, he started writing lyrics. At a later stage of his life, he returned to Beltala and devoted himself to religion and writing lyrics. Apart from Baul songs, he also wrote some secular songs. He wrote two books: Lalon Charita (Life of Lalon) and Nur-e-Mohammadi (Light of Mohammad). [Mohsin Hussain]