Shah Ali Baghdadi (R)

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Shah Ali Baghdadi (R) a saint of the 15th century. Shah Ali came from Baghdad and his tomb is at Mirpur on the outskirts of Dhaka. His father, Syed Fakhruddin Razi, was a Hafiz, a Mufassir, a Muhaddith and a Mufti.

Shah Ali came to Delhi with some disciples in 813/14 AH (1412 AD) at the age of twenty. He left Delhi and travelled to the village of Kasba Girdah in Fatehabad Pargana (Faridpur district) which had been conquered by the Muslims during the reign of jalaluddin muhammad shah (1415-1433). Sultan Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah granted him 12,000 bighas of land. At Girdah he converted a large number of Hindus to Islam. From Faridpur he came to Dhaka where he became a disciple of Shah Bahar (R) of the Chistia order. Here also he converted many people. He died at Mirpur at the age of about one hundred years. [Mosharraf Hussain Bhuiyan]