Sharfuddin, Khwaja Shah

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Sharfuddin, Khwaja Shah (16th-17th century) a great sufi. His time in Bengal is variously dated. One group is of the opinion that he was a companion of the 14th century Sufi saint Hazrat shah jalal (R), while others believe that he came to dhaka to preach islam during the time of akbar (1556-1605). His shrine is located beside the Dhaka High Court. According to the Cadastral Survey Map of 1912-1915, his graveyard and shrine along with two wells to the south of the shrine comprise 70 decimals of land.

Khwaja Sharfuddin belonged to the Chixtia tariqa, or way, and was awarded the title of 'Shah'. People from different walks of life visit his shrine to pray and give alms to the poor. They lit candles at the shrine and ask for boons. There is a governing committee for the shrine which runs a madrasah, gruel kitchen, and library. With the earnings from the shrine, it also publishes a paper. A High Court judge chairs the shrine committee. [Dewan Nurul Anwar Hussain Choudhury]