Sharfuddin Yahya Maneri

Sharfuddin Yahya Maneri (R) Sufi saint, was the son of Shaikh Yahya of Maner (in Bihar) and the disciple of Shaikh sharfuddin abu tawwama. Abu Tawama, on his way to sonargaon, had stayed with Yahya Maneri and young Sharfuddin Yahya, being impressed by the learning and wisdom of the guest, expressed his desire to receive education and training from him and accompanied him to Sonargaon.

At Sonargaon Abu Tawwama built a madrasa and a khanqah and Sharfuddin Yahya Maneri received his education and esoteric training there. He evinced great interest in his studies and became proficient in all branches of Islamic learning, like tafsir or commentary of the Quran, tradition of the prophet, jurisprudence, theology, logic, philosophy and mathematics. He also received training in sufism and spent much of his time in meditation and spiritual exercises. He was so much absorbed in studies and meditation that he paid no heed to the letters received from home. On completion of his education, he opened the letters and in one of them found the news of his father's death.

Before returning to his birthplace Maner he married the daughter of his teacher Shaikh Sharfuddin Abu Tawwama. He, in his later life, earned a great fame in the world of Sufism. His Maktubat (letters) have come to light, they are full of advice and admonition regarding spiritual matters. The contemporary reigning sultans of Delhi were eager to receive his advice. [Abdul Karim]