Shari-Goyain River

Shari-Goyain River one of the trans-boundary rivers of Bangladesh, originated from the hilly areas of the Meghalaya State of India. The Shari-Goyain enters Bangladesh through northern part of Jaintiapur upazila in Sylhet district. Flowing southwestward of Sylhet district through Jaintiapur, Gowainghat, Sylhet Sadar and Chhatak upazilas, the river meets the surma near Chhatak Bazar. The river receives flow from the Goyain river at Gowainghat upazila. The Shari-Goyain is a flashy hill river and it transports a huge amount of sediments from the upstream. The average width of the river is about 100 metres. Sylhet, Chhatak are important places on the banks of the river. The Chhatak Cement Factory is located on the bank of the river. The river also transports a lot of boulders and coarse sand from its upstream. Hundreds of labourers are engaged in collecting boulders daily and their livelihood thus depends on the Shari-Goyain river. [Masud Hasan Chowdhury]