Sheikh Fariduddin Maswood Ganjeskar

Sheikh Fariduddin Maswood Ganjeskar (1177-1269) sufi and preacher of islam, was born at Multan in Pakistan. He memorised the quran by heart at the age of 11 and performed hajj with his mother. After receiving religious instructions from several eminent teachers, he became a disciple of Kutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki and earned the titles of Khilafat and Gavjeshkar in the Chishtia order.

Fariduddin came in close contact with the famous sufis Shahabuddin Suhrawardy, Khwaja Mainuddin Chishti (R), Bahauddin Zakaria and Jalaluddin Tabriji. A good deal of information about his life and work are found in his book Fawayedus Salekin, Badruddin Ishaq's Israrul Awlia, Ameer Hassan Sijji's Fawayedul Fawwad and Ameer Khasru's Afzalul Fawayed. He converted many people to Islam and kept his 'khanqah'; and charitable institutions open to all.

Noted aides of Fariduddin included Badruddin Ishaq (his son-in-law), Nizamuddin Awlia, Jalaluddin Hasubi, Ali Ahmad Sabir, Sheikh Arif and others. He made the Chishtia order popular in this subcontinent through his untiring efforts. Some people believe that Fariduddin spent thirty years in meditation on a hillock in the Sholashahar area of chittagong. It is said that a fountain sprang there from his tears. This fountain is called 'Sheikh Farid's fountain'. His shrine is located next to it and every year on the fifth of muharram his urs is observed by many devotees. [Dewan Nurul Anwar Hussain Choudhury]