Shrew (chika) mammalian fauna of the family Soricidae under the order Insectivora. Bangladesh has two species: Grey Musk Shrew (Chika or Sucho), Suncus murinus, and Pygmy Shrew (Baman Chika), Suncus etruscus. The first one is common and could be found in the cities in holes near drains and villages as well as in the forests. The latter is very rare and there is no recent sight record. Both have small eyes and rounded ears. Musk Shrew is densely furred mouse-like animal with a tapering and pronounced snout projecting beyond the lower lip; both legs and tail sparsely covered with hairs.

Pygmy shrew (Baman chika)


Skin is pinkish, distinctly visible on the snout, ears, feet and tail. Head and body about 15 cm; tail 8 cm; produce odor or musk from two glands on the sides of the body; shrill squeak can be heard at night.

Pygmy Shrew is the smallest land mammal measuring only about 4.8 cm in head and body; tail 3 cm long; weighs c. 2.5g. Insectivorous; however, eat whatever they can procure. [Ali Reza Khan]