Siddiqui, Abdur Rahman

Siddiqui, Abdur Rahman (1887-1953) politician, acting governor of East Bengal. He was appointed acting governor of East Bengal during the leave period of governor Malik Firoz Khan Noon from 25 July to 10 November 1952.

A front ranking leader of the Muslim League, Abdur Rahman Siddiqui was graduated from the Aligarh University and received higher education from England. He was the president of the student organization of the Aligarh University. After graduation, he became the managing editor of the journal Comrade edited by Moulana Muhammad Ali and published from Kolkata. He participated in the khilafat movement, and joined the medical team as a volunteer that was sent to Turkey under the leadership of Dr. Ansari during the Balkan war. Abdur Rahman Siddiqui was a member of the Bengal Legislative Assembly in 1937-46 and was elected a member of the Indian Legislative Assembly in 1946. The Daily Morning News was published from Kolkata at his initiative. He was the editor of the paper from 1942 to 1948. Siddiqui was elected Mayor of Calcutta Municipal Corporation in 1940. Abdur Rahman Siddiqui was one of the organizers of the Eastern Federal Insurance Company. He was a specialist on Middle East issues and was one of the central leaders of the Pakistan movement. He died in 1953. [Abu Jafar]