Silchhari, The

Silchhari, The a tributary stream of karnafuli river. It originates in the northern part of the Sitapahar anticline. Rocks of the Bhuban Formation are exposed here. The stream is about 1.3 km west of Kaptai along the Kaptai-Chandraghona road. At the mouth of the stream a miniature delta has been formed. In the middle of the stream lateral erosion and deposition took place on the beds. Here the stream has a gentle slope and meanders, which is the evidence of the mature stage of the stream. At a distance of about 290m there are a series of successive waterfalls, called rapids. The most prominent rapid of seven steps is at a distance of about 335m upstream. These rapids caused by a relatively resistant bed of sandstone are underlain by beds of nonresistant shales. At the source of the stream the most prominent waterfall with a vertical fall of about 15.25m occurs. [Sifatul Quader Chowdhury]