Soil Series

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Soil Series a group of soils formed from the same or similar parent materials under similar conditions of climate, drainage, vegetation and time and having the same kind and sequence of all major horizons and some differentiating properties. Soil series are named after the locality where it is first identified. Tejgaon, Sara and Barisal series are a few examples.

Soil series are given names for convenience, so that the soils of individual series can be differentiated from those of other series without all their properties having to be described each time they are referred to. The fact that a particular soil is named 'Barisal Series' does not mean that the soils of that series are found only within the boundary of Barisal town, upazila or district. The name is applied to all soils with the defined properties of the Barisal series The series name is merely a label to facilitate reference. In Bangladesh around 465 soil series have been identified during reconnaissance soil survey work. These soil series vary in size. [Md Sultan Hussain]