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  • ...much contemporary in feeling. It is mainly the womenfolk who have kept the art alive in this part of the subcontinent. They retain connections with age-ol ...s''' '''or embankments. Alpana does t occur in any of the ancient books on art, although the word Rangavali is mentioned in some of them.
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  • ...This is particularly true for the image of goddess Durga. This traditional art not only enhances the appearance of the Durga image, but also develops some
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  • ...e Chinese traveller Ma Huen, who visited Bengal in 1406 AD, mentioned this art in his travel accounts. Sakher hanri is also known as 'sakher chukai' or 'j [[Category:Art]]
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  • ...od he started to cherish a desire to become an artist inspired by the folk art items such as fairy tales, pithas (cakes) and embroidery works. ...n he got himself admitted in the newly established Government Institute of Art, Dhaka in 1948. He obtained his graduation in first division from this inst
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  • ...had set up twenty-two schools of industrial art, including the three major art schools in Madras, Bombay (Modern Mumbai) and Calcutta. Around 1878 another ...rts, European connoisseurs found a great deal that was admirable in Indian art. They drew the attention of European craftsmen to the excellence of the tec
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  • ...od stuff, are kept hanging there. The women are the makers of this form of art. Though shika is made for domestic uses, skills in art and the sense of beauty of the artisan find expression through it. Embroide
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  • ...y of Fine Arts at Philadelphia, USA during 1958-59. Hamidur Rahman took up art teaching alongside his work as a painter. He was a professor of fine arts a of cultural references while trying to effect radical change in the way art was practiced. His experimentation with style and technique led him to ques
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  • '''De, Bishnu''' (1909-1982) poet, prose writer, cinema critic and art connoisseur, was born on 18 July 1909. His father was Abinash Chandra De, a ...uted stories and poems to different magazines in Kolkata. He also wrote on art, music and culture. A number of his books on prose and poetry have been pub
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  • ...eas of Bangladesh. It is both a culinary art and an important women's folk art. [[Category:Art]]
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  • Though a great artist, Zoffany could never overcome his poverty by his art activities in Europe. European artists in Bengal, who returned home with gr in St. John's Church in Calcutta. In the history of modern Indian art, Zoffany occupies an important place. Fellow of the Royal Academy, the Soci
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  • ...nj]]. Earlier it had been believed that the only extant piece of this folk art genre was a gazir pat preserved in the Asutosh Museum, Calcutta. ...ngladesh through the ages, 1992), Lokaxilper Bhubane (In the realm of folk art, 1993), Dhakar Banijyik Karukala (The commercial crafts of Dhaka, 1993), Lo
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  • ...rly. He was the music director and music teacher of [[Jago Art Centre|jago art centre]].
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  • ...Akshay Kumar|akshaya kumar maitreya]]. He was also influenced by the noted art historian Professor Stella Kramrisch, who taught both at the University of ...north Bengal with a view to collect information regarding the specimens of art and architecture of ancient Bengal. The reports on these explorations were
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  • '''Rahman, Mukhlesur''' (1924-1993) art historian. He was born on 1 February, 1924 in village Mugbelai of [[Kamarkh ...he was appointed the Director of the Museum and was made the Professor of Art History in the same organisation in 1982. He continued in the service of th
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  • '''Ahmed, Sayeed''' (1931-2010) playwright, art critic, civil servant, was born in Islampur of old Dhaka on 1 January 1931. ...ers of Bangladesh (1979), Contemporary Art (1980) and Contemporary Graphic Art of Bangladesh (1996). Sayeed Ahmed delivered a number of lectures on these
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  • ...n 18 September 1867. The family, famous for its immense wealth, patronised art and culture. Gaganendra lost his father at the age of only 14 and thus his ...ard labour he gave a new lease of life to ''The Indian Society of Oriental Art'' established in 1907.
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  • '''Baset, Kazi Abdul''' (1935-2002) painter, art teacher was born in Dhaka on 4 December 1935. His father was Abdul Jalil an he became the head of Drawing and Painting Department of the Government Art Institute. During this time (1991-94) he also acted as the Director of the
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  • ...senting different phases of Indian art but with special emphasis on Bengal Art. ...t. In particular, the museum has a unique collection of the folk and rural art of the country, of Bengal terracotta through the ages, and of some of the f
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  • ...e the development of sculpture department, Abdur Razzaq focused on his own art-works and sculptures. He was the Acting Director of the Institute of Fine A in the USA. He was specially drawn to various methods of etched art such as etching, dry point, aquatint, matzo-tint and engraving. In addition
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  • ...earnt western art from the Italian artist-teacher Gilerdy and the oriental art techniques from its Principal Percy Brown. ...positions reflect flat treatment of colour, bold lines and candour of folk art.  
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