Srikanta a four-part autobiographical novel by sharat chandra chattopadhyay, published between 1917 and 1933. Mixed with elements of travel accounts, some volumes are compilation of disconnected stories; nevertheless, they make a good reading because of the narrative technique. It was almost a common book to read for all in the 1930s and 40s.

The novel features its central character Srikanta, in varied locales, and also introduces us to a number of other unique characters. But the main storyline, the love between Srikanta and Rajlakshmi, remains dominant all through. In addition to the Srikanta-Rajlakshmi love affair, the stories of Indranath and Annadadidi in the first part, of Abhaya in the second part, Brajananda and Sunanda in the third part and of Gahar and Kamal Lata in the final part portray the varied human relationship that exists in society. The novel also paints a vivid socio-economic picture of Bengal of the time. Scholars believe that the character of Srikanta mostly reflects the novelist's own life. [Nurul Amin]