Sudhakar, The

Sudhakar, The a weekly magazine established by Reazuddin Ahmed and sheikh abdur rahim, began its publication on 8 November 1889 (23 Kartik 1296 of the Bangla calendar) from Kolkata. It was first edited by Sheikh Abdur Rahim (or Muhammad Reazuddin Ahmad according to another account).

The magazine aimed at disseminating information about the lost glory of the Muslims and preaching the greatness of Islam. At some point, the magazine changed its name to Mihir O Sudhakar. The magazine printed polemics on religious issues against another Khristiya Bandhab (Friends of Christians), a magazine published by Christian missionaries. It advocated for cow-slaughtering siding with Maulvi Naimuddin of tangail and opposing mir mosharraf hossain on the issue. In addition to publishing articles on religion, society, history and heritage, the magazine also printed creative writings. Sudhakar continued being published up to 1910. [Wakil Ahmed]