Syed Martuza

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Syed Martuza (c 1590-1662) Sufi poet and saint, was born in Chhapghati village of Sutee thana in Murshidabad district, the son of Syed Hasan, who was originally from Uttar Pradesh.

Syed Martuza, a follower of Syed Shah Abdur Razzak of Jangipur, had a spiritual companion named Anandamayi, and was accordingly called 'Martuzananda'.

A three-day long urs is observed at Syed Martuza's shrine at Harua village each year in the month of Sha'ban. He was revered by both Hindus and Muslims and devotees of both religions continue to flock to his urs.

Syed Martuza wrote many Sufi poems similar to Vaisnava verses, a metaphysical poem named Yoga-Kalandara, as well as some ghazals in Persian. Padakalpataru, an 18th century collection of Vaisnava verses, includes one of his poems. [Wakil Ahmed]