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Tadbhaba Bangla words originating from the Vedic and sanskrit languages, from tad meaning 'from', ie from Vedic and Sanskrit words, and bhaba meaning 'product of'. Vedic and Sanskrit are two ancient forms of Aryan languages. In course of time, these languages underwent phonetic changes and through prakrit turned into various modern Aryan languages, such as Bangla. Bangla grew out of Magadhi Prakrit which in turn was derived from Vedic and Sanskrit. For instance, chand chanda chanda chandra, dai dahi dadhi, bau bahu badhu, machhi machchhi machchhi machchhia machchhia maksika.

Tadbhaba words form the basic elements of Bangla, with most of the common words used by Bengalis in their daily life being tadbhaba. In literature, about 60% words used by well-known writers are tadbhaba. [Dulal Bhowmik]