Tomb of Bibi Mariam

Tomb of Bibi Mariam situated at Hajiganj locality in Narayanganj just to the east of the bibi mariam mosque. The mausoleum, now greatly ruined, stands on an elevated spot in the middle of a quadrangle enclosed within a surrounding wall. It is a single domed square building having vaulted verandas on all the four sides. The vaults have now fallen down, but some of the walls, pierced with arched doorways, still survive. The central square room contains a stepped tomb in white marble with floral designs, and a masonry cenotaph of Bibi Mariam. The verandas of the tomb building are now occupied by graves of less importance.

Opinions vary as to the identity of this Bibi Mariam. In view of the tall dome and some other architectural features of the tomb building, AH Dani is inclined to bring it in the group of the tomb of Iran Dakht alias Bibi Pari in the compound of Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka, and he is inclined to identify this Bibi Mariam with Turan Dakht, a sister of Iran Dakht and daughter of Nawab Shayesta Khan, Mughal subadar of Bengal. But as per SM Taifoor, it is pointed out to be the tomb of one Mariam Khatun, wife of Isa Khan Masnad-i-Ala.

Taifoor's opinion may be given some credence on the ground that the present site within the compound of Hajiganj Fort is synonymous with Khizrpur which was a fortified military and naval base of Isa Khan, and also that the style of architecture of the mausoleum of Bibi Mariam is different from the current Shayesta Khani style. [Muazzam Hussain Khan]