Trivedi, Ramendrasundar

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Trivedi, Ramendrasundar (1864-1919) essayist, educationist and scientist, was born on 20 August 1864 in the village of Teya in Murshidabad, west bengal, the son of Govindasundar Trivedi. Ramendrasundar Trivedi passed the entrance examination from Kandi English School in 1882, and was placed first. He obtained the second place in FA from Presidency College in 1884, and stood first class first in both BA Honours in Physics and Chemistry, 1886, and MA, Physics, in 1887. He was awarded the premchand roychand studentship in 1888. Trivedi joined Ripon College as a Professor of Science in 1892, was appointed the Principal of that college in 1903, a position that he held until his death.

He began his literary career with articles published in the magazines sadhana, Nabaj'i'ban and bharati. He took the main initiative in establishing vangiya sahitya parishad (1894), and was elected president in 1919. He edited the journal of the Parisad, Ba'b'g'i'ya S'a'hitya Pari's'ad Patrik'a, for two terms, from 1899-1903, and again from 1917-18.

Trivedi had extensive knowledge of linguistics, eastern and western philosophy, science, the Vedas, folklore, etc. However, he had the ability to articulate complicated theories of science and philosophy a very lucid language. His writings manifest his liberal thinking and literary wit. His major literary works include Prak'r'ti (1460, a compilation of articles on science), Jij'v'asa (1903, a compilation of articles on philosophy), Karmakath'a (1913), Charitakath'a (1913), Bichitra Jagat (1913), Shabdakath'a (1917), etc. Trivedi died in Calcutta on 6 June 1919. [Shahida Akhter] [Akhter, Shahida Writer and researcher, Dhaka]