Udichi (Shilpigosthi) a cultural organisation inspired and driven by progressive thoughts. The meaning of the word 'Udichi' is the North Star, which heralds the dawn. Udichi artiste's guild was formed on 29 October 1968 with a view to guiding the social and cultural life like the North Star by mainly satyen sen (1907-1981). Other founders of Udichi were Golam Mohammad Edu, Ranesh Das Gupta, Manzoorul Ahsan Khan etc. At the initial stage lead organisers of this cultural front were: Golam Mohammad Edu, Ranesh Das Gupta, Manzoorul Ahsan Khan, Mostafa Wahid Khan, Kamrul Ahsan Khan, Ekram Ahmed, Akhtar Hossain and Rizia Begum. The objective of Udichi Shilpigosthi was to create awareness among mass people against all sorts of socio economic exploitation, repression, disparity, communalism and imperialism through the artistry. A strong cultural circle was organised within a very short time after launching Udichi.

Udichi Shilpigosthi played a remarkable role in fostering the movement for war of liberation of Bangladesh. Several plays like 'Alo Aschhey', 'Shapath Nilam' Staged by Udichi created a highly effective impact to promote the spirit of liberation most of the progressive intellectual of the country took part in the public awareness campaign of Udichi. Lending writers, Poets and artistes like Abul Fazal, Kabir Choudhury, kalim sharafi, Sheikh Lutfor Rahman, Sanjida Khatun, zahir raihan, Altaf Mahmud, Sardar Fazlul Karim, jahanara imam, Panna Kaisar took part in the activities of Udichi and their participation inspired the people very much. Activists of Udichi platform played an important role in formulation of the countries central policy after the independence. Branches of Udichi were set up at different places of the country under the patronisation of the government during the post liberation era. At present (2012) there are over 240 branches of Udichi all over the country and a few in UK, United States, Australia, Canada and France. About ten thousand artists and cultural activists are involved in the activities of Udichi.

In the context of political changes of 1975, Udichi was deprived of patronisation of the new government. Moreover, Udichi had to face many hurdles from the fundamentalists for its progressive activities. As a result, two grenade attacks were hurled on the Udichi conferences in Jessore and Netrakona in 1999 and 2005 respectively. Many artists and organisers were killed and wounded in these attacks. [Ekram Ahmed]