Yazdani, Mohammad Raushan

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Yazdani, Mohammad Raushan (1917-1967) collector and researcher of folk literature. He was born in the village of Bidyaballabh in Mymensingh on 15 Falgun 1324 BS (1917 AD). His father, Sheikh Ali Kabir, was an Ayurvedic practitioner. After receiving his primary education in a local madrasah, Mohammad Raushan studied up to class ten at Ashujia High School. Around this time he grew negligent of his studies on account of his parents'; death and passed his days practising music in the company of bauls. Later, he married and entered domestic life. Afterwards, at different stages of his life, he worked as a teacher at a village primary school, as a clerk of the Debt Settlement Board, and as a proof-reader of the Daily azad and Franklin Publications.

Raushan Yazdani used to collect Bangla folk literature and write essays on them which were published in contemporary magazines and newspapers. Thus he acquired reputation as a folklorist. Two of his notable books are Mymenshahir Lokasahitya (1951) and Purba Pakistaner Lokasahitya (1966). He also wrote two folk poems titled Chinubibi (1951) and Khatamun Nabiin (1960). He died in his native village on 23 June 1967. [Wakil Ahmed]