Yogir Bhavan

Yogir Bhavan a village under Paikar union of Kahaloo upazila in Bogra district, about 8 kilometer southwest of mahasthangarh. Yogir Bhavan is famous for the settlement of the Nath sect of Shiva Sannyasis (mendicants). The settlement area of this sect was about 80 acres of land.

The whole settlement or built-up area is divided into two enclosures by a partition wall. The western enclosure has two ruined shrines called Darma Dungi and Gadighar. The eastern enclosure contains four temples dedicated respectively to Sarvamangala, Durga, Kala Bhairava and Goraksanath. Unfortunately all the icons once worshipped in these temples are now missing. The Sarvamangala temple is highly ornamented with carved bricks and terracotta plaques. These temples were built in the 17th and 18th centuries AD, as evidenced by inscriptions and architectural styles. They were probably built with materials found in the same site. [Ayub Khan]