Yusufzai, Abdul Hamid Khan

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Yusufzai, Abdul Hamid Khan (1845-1915) journalist, litterateur and politician, was born in Charan village of tangail district. Both he and mir mosharraf hossain worked as managers of the local zamindar of Delduar. Yusufzai was secular and progressive and edited and published a secular fortnightly called the ahmadi (1886), which was financed by the wife of the Zamindar, Karimunnessa Khanam Chowdhurani. However, the Ahmadi got embroiled in a lawsuit against another magazine called akhbare islamia over issues relating to the killing of cows and the Hanafi-La-Mazhabi.

Mir Mosharraf Hossain and Yusufzai helped each other in their works. Yusufzai worked with surendranath banerjea, became associated with Congress politics, and got involved in swadeshi movement (1905-11) and anti-British activities. His first book, Sarsangraha (First volume, 1887), is a collection of didactic pieces in prose and verse. His other poetical works are Biragsabgit(1880), Prabodhsabgit(1891) and Udasi (1905). Udasi, a collection of short poems and legends, is considered his best work. Love of humanity, of the motherland, spiritualism and civics were the main subjects. [Wakil Ahmed]