Yusufzai, Nowsher Ali Khan

Yusufzai, Nowsher Ali Khan (1864-1924) writer and philanthropist, was born in the village of Charan in tangail. He passed the Entrance examination in 1881 from pogose school in Dhaka and FA in 1887 from dhaka college. He studied for the BA, but was unsuccessful in examination. Nevertheless, it can be said that he was the first Muslim to qualify for FA in Tangail district. While studying for his BA he married Rahimunnesa, a daughter of the zamindar of Pakulla. He was appointed to the post of Sub-Registrar of Pakulla in 1889 and was upgraded to Sub-Deputy Registrar in 1891. He was the first Muslim in this post in Tangail. He retired from his job in 1919.

Nowsher Ali was associated with different social and educational institutions of his locality and of Kolkata. He was also a good speaker. Development of the backward Muslim society was his main concern. He wrote books in prose and verse. Some of his works are Babgiya Mussalman (1891), Shaishab Kusum (Poem, 1895), Dalil Registrari Shiksa (1897), Uchcha Babgala Shiksabidhi (1901), Notes on Mohammedan Education in Bengal (1903), Mussalman Jatiya Sabgit (1909), Sahitya Pratibha (1914), Sahitya Shiksa (1915). Bangiya Mussalman and Notes on Mohammedan Education in Bengal reflect his social consciousness, national feeling, humanity, educational interests, economic and political sense, and earned his a place in society. Nowsher Ali Khan died on 9 May 1924 in his village. [Wakil Ahmed]