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Zoonosis a disease communicable from animals, especially vertebrates, to humans. However, both humans and animals are equally susceptible to this disease. Over 250 organisms are known to cause zoonotic infections, of which 30-40 spread from pets. The disease may be transmitted from direct contact, animal bite, byproducts or products of animals, animal waste, animal excreta, etc. Rabies and Leptospirosis spread with the increase of human and animal population; mobility among men and animals increases the occurrence of plague; trades in animals, animal products and byproducts are responsible for Mad Cow Disease; and destruction of ecological balance by human actions increases the incidence of Anthrax, Rickettsial Pox, Psittacosis, Japanese Encephalites, Yellow Fever, etc. About 35% of cattle in dairy farm are infected with Bovine Tuberculosis in Bangladesh. Buffalo, goat, cat, pig, rodent, and other wild animals are attacked with this disease. In Bangladesh Tetanus and Rabies are two common zoonotic diseases. Bangladesh has achieved considerable progress in adopting programmes against these diseases. [Md Sohrab Ali]